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Promotional USB Memory Flash Drives

Why choose Zoomstix?

  • Why choose Zoomstix?

    With nearly 8 years experience in the industry, Zoomstix is one of the leading suppliers in promotional flash drives. Best customer service, quick response time, top quality USB drives, best flash drive price in the market, extensive range of USB drives to choose from, these are what we offer to all of our customers. All our promotional USB drives are grade A memory chips with life time data retention warranty. 

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Promotional USB for marketing

  • Promotional flash drives for marketing

    Promotional USB drives have been very popular promotional products through out the year. This may because it is relatively low cost, while the repetitive usage rate is very high compare to other promotional products. The memory capacities for custom USB drives are from 512mb up to 16gb. Depends on the budget you have, you can always find one that will fit.

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Wristband USB Drives available in wide range of colour options. Made from silicon, these usbs can be worn around the wrist or simply carried around with you.  Great for students and business, it can be seen also as a fashion statement.  Many universities and colleges have chosen this style when it comes to branding on flash drives.

Credit Card USB Flash Drives is a great alternative to distributing traditional business cards.  Yes it may cost more, but your recipient will be able to utilise the gift as well as carry around your business details with them for an indefinite time.  Flat like a credit card and only slightly thicker it is capable of being carried inside a wallet without being to bulky.  This particular flash drive is highly suitable for those with large logos or require full colour printing.

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